CommissionGenie Online

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CommissionGenie Online

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It’s Safe, Easy & Works With QuickBooks
Syncs with QuickBooks Online and inputs data in real-time. You’ll save time by only entering data ONCE. Stores information safely and securely on your system.

Split Commission Between Sales Reps
Easily split commissions between salespersons at the click of a button. Commission Genie will automatically reconcile commissions for the rest of time.

Easily Switch Between Multiple Companies
Have multiple sub-companies? Not a problem. Commission Genie allows you to work with all your companies.

Product Description

  • Easy Setup that is Fully Integrated with QuickBooks
  • Creates Accurate Reports Within Seconds
  • Generates and Prints Commission Checks
  • Splits Commissions Between Salespersons Seamlessly
  • Works with Multiple Companies
  • Automatically Reconciles Commissions